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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Week 13: Online Advertising

The five companies that I picked that were similar to my company was Pandora, Alex and Ani, Alzerina Jewelry, Carlsbad Creations Jewelry and Fosters Fine Jewelry. In my opinion all of these companies do a great job with online marketing and all of these companies post every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. These are all great practices to help your company grow because when your company posts every day multiple times a day, people see that and want to shop your products. All five of these companies use multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat,etc. This is so effective for these companies because posting more allows people to see you and your products more, which this allows people to purchase more products. Also with a larger audience when posting on multiple platforms with different people and different likes/wants.

All of these companies all have in common is there photos and content that they post. All of the posts are thought out effectively with a professional stand point but also it makes it look super clean and easy like the person just took the photo of themselves instead of being in a photo shoot. All of these companies post every day  - a few times a day, which is something to consider because it is putting your business/promotion out there multiple times a day. By doing this, this will bring in new customers along with your regular customers.

The traditional advertising vs. social media advertising, in my opinion social medial advertising is winning. I say that because of how many people go on social media every single day, multiple times a day they are more pron to seeing the ad that you posted online vs. a magazine ad that someone is just looking at one time to pass the time. On social media, that ad can be used more than just one time as well. Also, the traditional way to advertising is very expensive and does not reach out to as many customers, that would reach on social media platforms. Social media advertising makes more sense to me to use for my company, for all reasons to reach all target markets and being cost efficient.

Week 12: Other Online Tools

Meet up Groups: 

Before researching for this assignment, I did not know of meet up groups and that was an actual thing. So, I went on Google, and searched meet up groups in San Diego for jewelry making. North County Crafters came up in my search, there is 110 members in the group and they meet every weekend to share ideas and finish up crafts that they have not. This group is awesome because if you feel like you have a road block with some of your ideas, the members are there to help you and give you new suggestions. I think this an awesome idea and something I definitely would like to be apart of! Being in the art industry, sometimes your ideas fall short or need a little boost in your passion, this is a great tool to help build your business and new ideas. is another outlet that I think would help drive my company. By having an yelp people do check that before shopping with a company and it is a good idea to have a good name for yourself and your business on that platform. I would start by creating a yelp page for my company, and for every customer that purchases I would have them write a yelp review on their personal experience to grow in positive ways. 

Week 12: Using Other Online Tools

Using Other Online Tools: 

After reading our lecture, I honestly think I would put all of these tools into consideration to use for my company. I really think that bringing in different types of marketing will drive my company and overall sales. I think I would use a few of these ideas from the lecture., this I would like to use because this really drives your company/business sales. This platform can help from what is trending and helping you post on social media. This tool would really help my business because this can tell me what is important to share vs. what is not very important., I would also use because google can really be a team player, google rules the internet. Google allows you to create websites, post photos/content, customers can review your company and you can even add you location so your customers can just put you in their phone and get to you(Google Maps). Google is defiantly going to be one of the first tools we use and we for sure will get a lot of use from the other end (customer end).  

http:/, We would use this as a professional stand point, to network with other alike companies and learn from each other. As well as employment opportunities, Linkedin is a great tool to find good employees and network with them as well.  Overall, Linkedin would really help our company grow all together with knowledge and business growth. 

http:/, This is a platform that our company should really try to grow because a lot of customers/consumers will check out yelp before even walking foot inside the business. Other peoples options and experiences are so important for the business and for the customer as well, so we will try and keep our positive outlook on 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Week 11: Email Marketing

Email Marketing

After reading about Email marketing and this really can help your business. I think for my business, Katharyn's Kollections we would do a monthly newsletter, letting customers know what's going on with us through out the current month. Additionally, with the newsletter, posting new posts at least 3 - 4 times a week, reminding our customers of our daily or weekly deals that were posted in our newsletter but since the newsletter will only be posted once a month this will help bring in new and old customers. We would use a social platform to send out our newsletter, which would be on posted on all platforms and emailed. By using an online platform for the newsletter, customers can easy access at anytime as well as subscribe to them for each month. 

What's in the Newsletter? 

For my business, Katharyn's Kollections we are going to put in new information about our company, new products, monthly deals, upcoming deals to get ready for and not to forget about, and building our relationships with our customers at our upcoming events! I think coming up with trending topics as fashion and jewelry, also new products with people wearing the pieces and their own reviews would attract my target audience of all trendy women who enjoy jewelry.

Content Ideas: 
Fashion for each season 
Showcasing new products
Trending items
Real reviews by customers 
What you can pair the jewelry with  
How the company is ran 
Building subscribers - adding new upcoming topics 

Monday, October 28, 2019

Week Ten: Blogging for Business Analysis

Blogging for Business Analysis: 

Using a blog in business is such an awesome idea to connect with your customer on a personal level. I think I would start with a few broad topic/categories, such as trending fashion/jewelry looks, how we do/run our business, a day in a life of how business is done/made and popular topics to bring in customers from all angles. By acting on these strategies of being relatable, on a personal level but keeping it professional. This will bring in all types of customers, which we are going for all women that love to stay on trend and keeping up on fashion sense. 

Each of these categories will bring in different types of customers and reaching all women. By talking about trending fashion and jewelry, this will target to customers that just like to understand what is trending and how they should dress.  This will help my business grow because this is a large category that a lot of women who care about their fashion and being on trend, by talking about this topic and sprinkling my product in the blog post, this will draw attention and sales. 

Another idea category I had was sharing how I create different types of jewelry and maybe even making an video tutorial to see what goes into the company. I came up with this idea because I enjoy watching other companies videos to see what they do and how they go upon business. This is such an interesting topic so I thought this would draw in business as well.

Also, this is kinda of like my idea above but a little different to see a day in a life of how the business runs. This could draw in business and attention. From when I pick out a look to the ending look and posting the products online. 

My last idea was to just bring in a fun blog post of new topic every week, this brings an opportunity to reach out to other individuals that haven't seen my blog or business to read on a personal level but then make a connection with the brand additionally. By doing this, the brand can get more attention and bring the customer back to read or purchase. 

All of these categories will help my business grow by reaching out to all women to connect to the blog then to my brand. Also, by having a range of different topics this will help target individuals on the whole spectrum. 

Week Ten: Extra Credit

Week Ten: Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business

The article, The Real Purpose of Blogging for Your Business on had a few great points for blogging for companies. This reading dove deep when blogging for customers and making your blogs interesting also not a sales pitch. This really made me think how businesses are doing to do this. I began to think about how to do this, YouTube almost everyone is talking about what they are using and how this helps them. When you create a platform for your business front that is also personable people will want to do business with business that do, do this. This makes you, the leader of the company and your company relatable, making customers wanting to buy and use your product because of this. Results show that as soon as you make your content relatable (blogging on a personal level) your traffic and sales will go up. This is very interesting and very useful information when starting a brand new company from scratch. 

When blogging on a business platform, you need to make the content relatable as well as keeping it professional. Sharing family posts and fun things that can be shareable to your audience as well as keeping the content PG because you don't know who is on the other side reading or watching. You don't want to create a bad name for yourself and company so thinking about the correct content is key.