Saturday, September 21, 2019

Week Five: Defining your Target Market

Armstrong Garden Center 

Armstrong Garden Center's target market is people who love to garden and who have gardens of their own or garden for the city. Mostly people who have an green thumb, don't mind to get a little dirty and love to garden that want to purchase items for their gardens. 

Myrtle Creek - Botanical Gardens 

Myrtle Creek has a little bit of a different look, this place looks like a good place for families, friends, visitors, ect to go and adventure around the Myrtle Creek Botanical garden. The website feels more family orientated and can go to the Botanical gardens for day of fun. 

There are major differences between these two businesses and their websites as well. Armstrong Garden Center is a place you go to get your garden supplies and the individuals that shop there care a lot about their plants and gardens. Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens is a place you go to see the scenery and go for an adventure. The Botanical Gardens is a place you bring families, visitors, friends ect. I don't really see these two businesses crossing over only to recommend to go see the Botanical Gardens or to shop at Armstrong. Armstrong's call to action is that they are here to help you create the most beautiful garden and/or backyard. They even ask you if you need landscaping help! Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens call to action is to invite individuals to come spend a day there at the botanical gardens, get some food, create a small sized garden with your kiddos, go on a nice adventure hike/walk. Overall, these two businesses are very different but very alike at the same time. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Websites I frequently Use - Week Four:Post Two 

I visit YouTube I would say almost every day, from hair ideas to help with homework to how to around the house. I think YouTube is effective because I can simply type in what I am looking for then videos pertaining the search will appear. Then I can pick whatever I want to watch and I can listen to it while doing other things as well. Also, YouTube will pick up on what you like to watch so when you open the app, on your homepage videos will appear that are suggested for you. Most of the time they are videos I do end up watching and really liking, sometimes they are a little far fetched but for the most part are what you like. This aspect I really enjoy because it makes it easy to pick what to watch right away and also opens you up to other channels. 

Another reason why I enjoy using YouTube is that they have playlists, so if you are really into one topic you can search for that playlist and consistently watch multiple videos about that specific topic. Sometimes individual YouTubers will create a playlist of all their videos which is awesome when you are discovering a new channel. Most channels have an upload schedule and this is what makes me come back to the site. One of my favorite channels is about true crime which she uploads every Tuesday with a new video and new topic. I love getting ready and listening/watching her new videos and once I start I want to continue watching. One thing that could be improved with this site is maybe on your homepage bringing more newness instead of just YouTubers you like to watch.

I use Snapchat everyday for sure! I think SnapChat is effective because that you can make a short video, take photo with a caption or send a text. I love this website because I can communicate with my best friends that live in Wisconsin. On SnapChat, you can create groups and my best friends and I have a group called Girl Gang. We all send each other snaps through out our days because sometimes talking on the phone and texting can take too long. Also, using videos you can see the tone of the person talking because sometimes with texting things can be taken the wrong way. The design of SnapChat is super easy to use and anyone really can do it. This makes me come back and want to use it. Also, SnapChat has stories that you can watch that you can see what your friends and family are doing that day. The aspect of being able to communicate with my best friends makes me come back to this site and to continue to use it. One thing that could be improved is maybe being able to replay an video more than once a day. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Aesthetics, Design and Branding - Week Four Part One

Jami Lin's Passions 

Overall Jami Lin's website is a great idea and I am glad that she is living her life to the fullest. Although, I did see a few potential problems there could be for some visitors. The first thing I noticed about the website was that it was very busy, there was a lot going on from the banner with five to six photos put together to videos to her blog and so much more I can't list, it would be this whole blog. By taming down the website a tad, this would keep the visitor and have them return. The website has a lot going on but with a little bit of organization on each page would help a lot. By reducing the items on the home page would invite and keep visitors longer. Another problem with this website, is that color scheme, rainbow is beautiful but to aesthetically please your audience you should have a color scheme with five to seven different colors for your website. Or if you want to keep the rainbow, then all aspects of the site should be rainbow. This would help improve the website because it is a little confusing with were the colors are, sometimes on websites having alike colors for alike categories help within the organization. Also, with a color scheme with only five to seven colors is good for websites because it keeps the repetition within the website and will not look so amateur. Thirdly, the organization overall should take a look at because organizing your website with like topics on the same page will not confuse your visitors. As of now, the site is very confusing and need to read everything to understand. For example, the anti-aging information should have a drop down menu and a separate page. 

Driveway Gates Wrought Iron 

This is a very cool business and on their website is full of information and photos, which is a great thing for this type of a business to display their work. Overall, there is a lot of good information on their website but is a little overwhelming and if I was shopping for that item on their site I would probably give up because there is A LOT!! The first thing I noticed was that there was no color scheme on the site, this makes the site look unprofessional. By having a color scheme presents the site more professional and inviting. Especially this item is more of an expensive item, you would want your visitors to know that your company has quality items. Next, I noticed that there was an GIF as you scroll on the site the credit card moves with you. I think this is a little tacky, it gives the impression that they just want you money. By removing this from their website would probably increase business and more visitors on their site. Although, there is a lot of information on the site maybe reducing the amount of tabs because there is probably more than twenty tabs which begins to be confusing. By reducing the tabs would help visitors on the page to navigate to what they are looking for. When having too many tabs it becomes overwhelming and people being to give up and look elsewhere. 

Headhunter Hair Styling

Headhunter Hair Styling's website is very professional and sleek. The first thing I noticed how cool the site was and how simple it can be to look this way. I like that they have an moving picture of cutting hair on the home page, it is very inviting and makes you want to look at more. Simple is key with websites, by having a color scheme and easy navigation throughout the site makes the site super easy to work with. Everything on the site itself is very self explanatory and anyone could use it. Which for this type of business you should keep the site more light and they have done a great job at doing so. Everything is matching when you change from page to page which on websites everything should match. 

National Park Service

The National Park website is very sleek and straight to the point site. The website also displays The National Park's beauty in photos. This site has done a great job for creating a site for what people are looking exactly for. The site itself is not cluttered full of information about the parks, you can simply search anything you want as soon as you arrive to the home page. This is working for the site because it makes it very user friendly and keep the visitors as long as possible. I also really like that was soon as you land on the home page it asks you if you want to look up parks in your surrounding area. Which this makes it easy for users to find where they can go that is closest to them and what they are probably looking for on the site as well. The design overall makes the experience on the site easy and straight to the point bringing visitors back to the site again and again. 

Monday, September 9, 2019

Week Three - Part Two

Alex and Ani 

Facebook- posted 9/7/19 , Twitter - posted 9/9/19, Snapchat- posted 9/9/19, Instagram - posted 9/9/19, Pintrest - posted 9/8/19 and YouTube - posted last year 9/9/18 

Alex and Ani are using their social media platforms everyday which is a winner in e-commerce businesses. The more you post the more people see and want me buy. But posting everyday could potentially bring in new customers looking for a specific item. This is a great move for this company and also tells me to be noticeable, be on all social media platforms. 

Pandora Jewelry

Facebook - posted 9/9/19, YouTube - posted 9/7/19, Twitter - posted 9/8/19, Instagram - posted 9/9/19 and Pintrest - posted 9/9/19

Pandora Jewelry does do more posting on social media than Alex and Ani. I found this interesting that Alex and Ani's last post on YouTube was last year and Pandora's posts almost 3 - 4 times a week. YouTube is climbing up the social media platforms and taking over that number one spot.

Kendra Scott Jewelry 

Instagram - posted 9/9/19 , Facebook - posted 9/9/19 , Twitter - posted 9/9/19 , Pintrest - posted 9/9/19 , YouTube - posted 8/9/19

Kendra Scott does post every single day, and they do have more follower counts than both of the two companies listed above. They do bring in more customers by doing so, and more followers as well which brings in money too!! Fun fact about all three of these jewelry companies they all have around 23 videos on YouTube. 

Tiffany & Co. 

Instagram - posted 9/9/19, Facebook - posted 9/8/19 , Pintrest - posted 9/9/19, Twitter - posted 9/8/19, YouTube - posted 7/8/19 

Tiffany & Co, like all the companies above do post every single day. The cool thing about Tiffany's is all the super professional photos that they post. I feel that their photos that they do post are very beautiful and showing the product just how they wanted to. I love their look its very chic and futuristic. 

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry 

Facebook - posted 9/9/19 , Pintrest - posted 9/9/19 , Twitter - posted 9/9/19, Instagram - posted 9/9/19 , YouTube - posted 9/4/19. 

Like all the companies above, Swarovski Crystal Jewelry is very active on social media platforms. They post almost every single day, they also keep up with their YouTube channel as well. 

All five of these companies do keep up with their social media platform posting, this is important to all of these companies because it is very important to keep your online presents there. Even though people have been saying Facebook is really on it's last legs. It really is not the truth, so many people still use Facebook and all five of these companies all post on Facebook almost every single day. Pintrest is a social media platform that is continuing to grow. All five of these businesses use Pintrest and create their own boards for others to look and share, which is highly effective.

Snapchat is one that I saw less of on these businesses websites. The only business out of the five businesses that uses Snapchat is Alex and Ani. I think Snapchat is a little more difficult to use and keep an following on Snapchat. Therefore, I think that is why less businesses are using it. Although, different types of businesses might work better on the Snapchat platform. Jewelry might not be one of them. Twitter is very popular through out all these businesses and all use them. I personally do not use Twitter but a lot of people are on there everyday. The only downfall to Twitter is that it is known for people to go on and just write negative opinions, which this is why I personally do not use. But after seeing all these companies Twitter pages, it really is not a negative platform, especially as a business stand point. 

Instagram and YouTube are in my opinion are winning in the social media platforms. So many people use Instagram and YouTube everyday, it is probably the easiest social media platforms to use and so many people are directed to YouTube because its a video, not reading. Mostly all of the companies are using YouTube and have a very successful channel, by having a large following on these platforms you also get paid from them individually. All five of these businesses have a very popular Instagram page as well as an YouTube channel, which is becoming the new TV. Overall it's super important to be active on social media platforms as a business stand point and to keep your name out to the pubic.

I commented on: Hannah Cliff and Luke Divinere

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Communication - Business & Consumer

Communication - Business & Consumer Chat - Week Three 

So this weeks questions were a little hard for me to think of a time it was hard to communicate with a business, but then I did think of a time that it was difficult to communicate with a business! About three years ago I ordered some clothes off of a Facebook ad, which I clicked on the ad and went directly to the website. The clothes on the website where presented with good material and for a good price, so I ordered probably twenty items off the website. A few weeks later, I received the clothes in the mail in two different packages. Which on the website, the order said was going to be delivered in two-three business days and in one package. I was a little annoyed it took that long to get the clothes but I was still excited that I still got them! When I opened the packages I was very unhappy of what was in the packages, all of the clothes were made out of weird material I've never felt and everything that I received was nothing I ordered but in the right size. Weird right? So since this was on online company I sent multiple e-mails (which this is how their "return policy" works) regarding my situation. I never received an e-mail back in response about how to return the clothes or a refund. 

After being super annoyed with the situation that has happened, I went on their Facebook page and directly messaged the company. I told the company my situation and asked what could be done on their end. I still did not hear anything regarding my message I sent and my problem still was not solved. A few weeks later I checked the message I sent on Facebook and the company actually opened the message and read it but did not say anything back. So I was left with spending about $150 and a bag of clothes that I will never wear. 

This experience opened my eyes to buying thing online, especially clothes. Now I only purchase clothes online  that I have purchased before in the past. This experience really was a learning experience and to never just buy something from a random company, especially from a Facebook ad. This was a very negative experience that I hope I never have to experience again and hope no one else has to either! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Overview of Social Media

Personal Life and Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are sprouting for all different audiences. I feel that Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are all geared mostly for personal use. In my opinion, Facebook started as a social media platform to communicate with your friends and family far away, I still use this in my day to day personal life because a lot of my family and friends that use Facebook. Instagram is definitely targeted to younger generations, but here I still use for my personal life with mostly my friends and not as much family. Snapchat, I basically use instead of texting just because explaining, you can simply just make a video and send it to who it people it was meant for.

Business and Social Media Platforms

A lot of social media platforms took a spin on how they were targeting their audiences a few years ago, all social media platforms are evolving into a business world as well. Linkedin in my opinion is the most geared towards businesses because you can find jobs on there as well as individuals that could improve your work environment and business. Also, you can reach out to others that have the same job title as you to create an networking for you and your team. Additionally, other social media platforms have created a place for businesses to own an page for their business and even sell items on their platforms, for example Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all do this to help businesses that use their platform of social media. 

Personal Life, Business and Social Media 

Social media can be used in so many different ways! They can mix well with the spin of business and personal life on social media platforms. By having individuals checking up on their social media platforms they are most likely to see an ad that is targeted to that individual and will probably end up clicking on that ad. This works good for both the individual and the business because the individual is getting their needs/wants and the business is getting sales by being targeted to the correct buyer. I do think this an evolving way to advertise and do business. Possibly one day in the near future, the only type business there will be is online. 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Katchin' Up With Kate

Welcome to Katchin' Up With Kate! 

Hi! I am Katie Saxe, this is my first time writing a blog ever and super excited to start blogging! Currently I am in my last semester of college and I am so excited to start my career. I am taking this class to further my knowledge with using social media because I want to have career in E-commerce which is buying and selling products online. 

It was a little hard to figure out what template to use but I really enjoyed the colorful template which I felt resembles me to a T! I enjoy the colors used in the template and the little birds were so cute... I could not resist. Also, the humming bird resembles good luck in general and I thought having the humming bird on my blog, people visiting my blog could also have good luck too! 

This past summer I went on a vacation with my best friend to Steam Boat, Colorado, there we hiked up Haans Peak and camped in the cabins there. Every morning when we would go down to the main cabin where we would have coffee and breakfast, outside they had humming bird feeders and at least 100 humming birds would visit by there every day! This template reminded me of those good memories, so I was bound to pick this template!

The font color of the heading I thought was very attractive to the eye, when someone comes to visit the blog the colors would make them stay because of the warm color choice. The colors of the template are part of the warm section of the color wheel which makes people feel warm and invited to stay.